Point, shoot & capture

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Pictures can be powerful.

Whenever we go anywhere new, Mary always reminds me to bring the camera. Our memories will (hopefully) last the rest of our lives, but creating still or moving images of what’s going on can help us with those memories. Recent photos are fun to look at, but older ones can be even better. I find that sometimes I can forget experiences I have had (temporarily or otherwise) until I come across an old photo.

That’s just one reason why Mary wants me to bring the camera. The bigger, more significant reason is because we want to SHARE our memories. Sure, I can describe to you, dear reader, what a red moon over an old castle wall looks like – or I can show you! That day, I forgot the camera…

We aren’t professional photographers, and I was late for class most of the time when I took visual communications in high school. I can barely remember the rule of thirds. I am glad that modern day point-and-shoot cameras can make up for my insufficiencies. I’m even happier that while we are in Fukui we will be able to take pictures that will help us better inform you, dear reader, about what life is like here for us. I hope that some of our pictures will bring you a few moments of joy.