We live in Fukui

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It has been almost 2 months since we arrived in Japan.

We have had our share of experiences where we have felt very much like “visitors” instead of residents. In a way, we are visiting because we intend to return to Canada – but in another way it’s nice to feel like we LIVE here, like we have a home to return to at the end of the day instead of a vacation rental.

Last night we went to a local library with one of our japanese friends and her kids. I’m not one for reading books, but Mary and the bunny like them and I was the only one with ID…so I got a library card. While I was signing up I realized that getting a library card is a HUGE symbol of residency. Sure, we have been here for a while, we have an apartment that is almost “set up”, furniture, Mary has her work, the bunny has her nursery school, but…

I have a LIBRARY CARD. Now I’m entitled to a sense of belonging. There’s a law around here that says foreigners have to carry their passport or their alien registration card around with them at all times. Getting my alien card took a while and it opened a bunch of doors after I got it, but all it proves is that I’m a visitor who happens to have an address in Japan.

The library card proves that I live here – at least for now.