Our new church home

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Much like peanut butter, christianity is not popular in Japan.

Fortunately, there is a vibrant, active, thriving church in Fukui. We’ve been going to the Bunkyo Gospel Centre since shortly after we arrived, and so far it has been a fantastic experience. We quickly made friends with so many people it is hard to keep everyone’s names straight. Like many churches, our new church does lots of things all of the time…but unlike many churches, all their events seem to be extremely well attended by both church members and newcomers. Some of the things we have gone to have been:

+ Japanese worship service on sunday mornings at 10:30: It’s like a “normal” Sunday worship service (if there is such a thing). Most of the songs are written in English and Japanese, and the Japanese songs have little hiragana characters above all the kanji – which means we can read everything.

+ English fellowship on sunday afternoons at 4:30: There is a small group of us who meet for the afternoon service. It’s 100% in english, and it has more of a house church feel to it. We usually go to this one because it’s a little more bunny-friendly.

+ English cafe on friday nights at 7:00: An outreach event frequented mainly by japanese university students looking to improve their English. For us it’s really fun to meet new people, and since we’re native English speakers, we’re almost volunteering by being there, even though our “service” is just speaking English. “The Lord’s work” is not so laborious in this case.

+ Pizza party on the last Friday of each month at 6:30: Bottomless tasty homemade REAL pizza. In Canada, I’m convinced this event would be a hit, but here in Japan where pizza is rare and often disgusting, it’s so much more important. This is like the English cafe, except it’s on a much larger scale.

We have been overwhelmed by how welcoming and generous the people at our new home church have been. We even have a couple of friends that we go our for supper with after English fellowship every week now. There is lots be be thankful for these days, including the 1500g jar of import peanut butter in my cupboard!