My Japanese workspace

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I like to work in a nice space, I guess I’m spoiled that way.

For me, if I have a desk full of distractions, mess or an uncomfortable space, I have trouble getting my work done. It’s term paper season now, so instead of going on big adventures with my free time I’m staying in one place and doing my schoolwork. I’m on a 1 term paper per week schedule now…it’s kind of a drag.

The good news is that I set up an functional workspace. One lesson that I learned from our old place in Kitchener was that a dedicated desk is nice, except for all of the times when I’m not working, then it’s just in the way. I wanted a “desk” here that could easily function as something else.

Enter the kotatsu.

Kotatsus are kind of like a coffee tables, except they have heaters underneath. They are also built so that their surfaces separate from their frames, allowing for a “kotatsu futon” (giant fluffy blanket) to be sandwiched between them. Since there’s no central heating in most Japanese homes, this is a great way to stay warm when it gets cold.

What you see in the video takes up less than half of our living room. The other half has nothing except a toy box filled with toys for the bunny. There’s lots of space for her to run around, much to the detriment of our downstairs neighbours. You might also notice the fun wall in the background. I have no idea why the wall is like that, but I’ve decided that it’s awesome.

This is where I spend most of my days. It may as well be somewhere I want to be, right?