We like to eat SUSHI!

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Do you like Japanese food?

We get asked this all the time. People we interact with are genuinely surprised when they learn that we enjoy Japanese cuisine and we know how to use chopsticks. We often get asked what specific dishes we enjoy here, and sushi is always at the top of the list.

We liked sushi in Canada, but sushi here is very different. Comparing the two is like apples and oranges. Whereas the westernized sushi that we used to eat was often composed of big, elaborate rolls (maki) with many fish and non-fish ingredients, sushi here seems to be more about this fish. When we do see maki, there’s one ingredient per roll and the pieces are tiny.

Conveyor belts are how we prefer our sushi to be served these days. There’s a great place a couple of blocks form our house pictured in the video above. Each plate is ¥120, except for the red ones, they are ¥220. We don’t know the name of most of the fish rotating toward us at any given time, but we have tried a bunch and most of them have been enjoyable. It’s very fun to watch the people behind the counter make all of the sushi we are about to eat.

During our first week in Japan we were pretty disoriented. We didn’t know how to cook at home, and we didn’t know Fukui at all. What we did know was sushi, so we ate at this place 3 or 4 times in that first week. We haven’t gone back as much since because the plates tend to add up in both tastiness and cost.

Now that we’re more settled, we have started to explore cheaper options for getting our sushi fix. Our Japanese “host family” had us over for supper last month and they served us sushi – but it was a new way for us to prepare it. All of the ingredients were ready at the table, and the sheets of nori (seaweed) were cut into square quarters. We assembled what was similar to hand rolls and we ate them on the spot. We have since reproduced this at home, and it’s a very easy, cheap and tasty meal.

There is lots of other Japanese food to write home about, too. More on that another day.