Potty training: The ongoing battle

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The bunny first sat on a potty when she was only 5 months. Now at the age of 2, we’ve come a long way but we still have a while to go before we can say she is potty trained. Regardless, we are very proud of her.

Yesterday, the bunny didn’t bring home any dirty diapers from the hoikuen. What does that mean? Everyday the bunny brings a small garbage bag home with all the diapers she went through during the day at hoikuen. Diaper disposal is our responsibility. No dirty diapers = she used the potty for all of her bathroom needs! That night she continued to use the potty!

Not everyday is that successful. Today I put her on the potty and she peed a little but almost immediately after I put a fresh diaper on her, she pooped and needed to be changed again.

We are super impressed that the hoikuen is putting in the effort to make sure she uses the potty when she is there. With our combined powers I am confident that one day she will be potty trained. In the meantime, I would have to say that my bunny is awesome and I think she is doing a great job.

Aside: We did bring our cloth diapers to Japan but haven’t used them very much. It was great when we could hang the laundry outside, but then came the rain and after that the snow. With the high humidity it takes a long time to dry laundry. Also, our washer doesn’t use hot water…