How the Bunny ended up on TV

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Today was a daddy-daughter day.

I managed to generate a debate on Facebook earlier this week when I posted about us being uneasy about setsubun and how it was going to be celebrated at the bunny’s Hoikuen today. We talked, prayed, researched and had a good discussion about it with the leaders at our church – and then we decided that it would be best to just keep her home today. By “keep her home” what I really mean is go out and partake in adventures that can only be truly appreciated by toddlers:

10:45 – After the hot water pipes finally thawed (that’s a story for another day), we embarked on our adventure. Our first destination was the bus stop. This was a no-stroller day because of the giant piles of snow everywhere. There were 6 socks being represented by our feet for this journey.

12:00 – We arrived at a fancy Italian-Japanese restaurant for a lunch date. I chose this place not for the atmosphere, food or decor…I chose it because they have the best child seats in Central Fukui. Restaurant managers, take note.

12:45 – Naptime: I made use of the free strollers at the Seibu department store and walked around with the bunny until she fell asleep. This is how we keep the bunny’s routine while we’re out. It worked like a charm. I continued to walk around Seibu…

13:30 – With bunny still asleep I happened upon a floor of Seibu that I hadn’t been to before – the one that’s half filled with counters featuring various tasty chocolates. Almost all of said counters had free samples. It was better than Costco on a Sunday. 🙂

14:15 – I was in the elevator, the bunny was still sleeping. The elevator stopped on the 1st floor and a disabled old lady began to leave. Her legs were barely functional. “I should help her” is what thought while I pressed a button to hold the door for her. The kanji for “open door” and “close door” look very similar. I realized my mistake when I saw the doors quickly closing in on the poor old lady. I pressed the other one fast enough to have avoided crushing her. I need to study Japanese before people die.

14:45 – The bunny FINALLY woke up. She also went potty in a public washroom.

15:00 – We arrived at AOSSA, the mall/community centre behind Fukui station. The bunny got to ride up 5 escalators on the way to a free play centre. When we got in she saw another kid playing in the big car that she (and every other kid) loves. She was crabby at first, but sharing took place and everybody won.

16:00 – The weather changed, and it started to snow enough to reduce visibility and make everyone without an umbrella look like a snowman. A cameraman for the local TV station was capturing the scene in front of the train station. The bunny decided to walk to the perfect spot to be included in the scene in front of his camera, stop, turn around, then smile and wave. The camera moved slightly to focus on her, and there is NO WAY that shot won’t be used (unless it was live, in which case it already was used).

16:30 – More kanji troubles. I didn’t know what the symbols beside the 16:32 bus were, but in retrospect they were probably something along the lines of “express bus that doesn’t stop near Mike’s place, YOU LOSE”. We didn’t get on. We went back to Seibu and rode 12 more escalators instead.

After that we went home. A good time was had by all. If anyone caught the bunny on TV, I hope her face wasn’t covered in snot at the time.