We are not alone

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Mike is in Canada as I type and bunny and I are here in Fukui. He had to fly back to Toronto for his interview with JET (http://jetprogramme.ca/). It has been a short but busy trip for him, so if he didn’t get a chance to see you it is not because he didn’t want to.

As for me and bunny, it has been a long week without Mike. We miss him so much, but we are not alone. We have been blessed with a great church here in Fukui. With friends that check up on us and even come and make us dinner! Last night we enjoyed the monthly pizza party at our church and today our friend Miriam is coming to cook our dinner.

Despite being on the other side of the world, Mike has also been with us. Before he left, he hid little notes and chocolates for me throughout our apartment! I truly have a wonderful husband. We have also been in contact almost daily through video chats.

Only three more days to go before I get my husband back!