The crazy things we could buy

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Every time I go to most stores I find something new and interesting. Sometimes I even know what these new an interesting things are. When I’m out shopping and I see a product that makes me stop in my tracks, I usually take a picture. Here are a few of the more “unique” items that we have come across in the past few months:


This is an “app wheel”.  I saw it at a neat store called Loft in central Fukui.  I think it cost around ¥2000, which might still be more than I would be willing to pay if I was into racing games.


A portable mini toilet.  “For when you are caught in traffic on the highway”.  There are instructions on the  back for how this device can be used by ladies.  This one costs a grand total of ¥105 at the hundred yen store (think dollar store).


Beauty spatula…I do not know what this could be used for.


A cool wii classic controller that looks like a super nintendo controller.  If I had my wii here, I would have purchased this for sure.


This device is in the “make lunches look like works of art to be displayed in museums” section of a home centre store.  It removes the crust from bread.


Apparently I could be saving energy by installing these clear plastic flaps on my tiny fridge.


This one we did buy.  From the pictures it looks like this thing is supposed to help us deal with window condensation.  The positive effect on moisture reduction  has been negligible, but the negative effect on decor has been significant.


Heating pads for under area rugs…I think.  I’m open to corrections if I’m wrong and I should have purchased one of these last December.


Kotatsu risers!  This may have been the best money we have spent on our apartment.  The day I started using these was the day I was able to reclaim my knees from the dangerously low kotatsu.


Phone + suction cup = fetusphone!  It’s not really called that, but it should be.  I would love to see one of these being handed out at a baby shower.