Small changes

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It’s spring!

We don’t expect the snow to return, and we have gone through a few small changes recently.  Today, we went to the hoikuen to get the bunny, and she was not in the same classroom that she was in when we had dropped her off.  The Japanese school year starts around now, and she has officially been upgraded to the 2-3 year old class.  She was in the squirrel class up until this morning, and now she’s in the…wait for it…BUNNY CLASS!

I started my last university term a few weeks ago, I’m in the home stretch now.  By June, I will have finished all of my Master of Social Work assignments and lectures.  Mary is currently on spring break, and she will start her new school year at the end of next week.

This website might look a little different…we finally got sick of iWeb and moved everything to WordPress.  We’ll be changing things around on the site while we figure out how we want it to look and act, but the most important change so far is the RSS feed.  If you subscribe via RSS, the old feed won’t work.  Look for the link on the top right hand side of this page (if you’re reading this in a browser).

The 2nd most important website change is the comments.  We have them now.  We will do our best not to measure our self-worth by the number of comments we get on our posts…but we can’t make any promises.