Anpanman Fever

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It’s not Pooh, Dora, or even Ernie, no it’s Anpanman. Anpanman may be Bunny’s favourite word as of late. Back in Canada we tried to discourage Bunny from getting attached to any current children’s TV shows in fear of the ever apparent product marketing directed towards children. The Bunny watched older classic shows like Inspector Gadget and Seasame Street. When we went shopping we didn’t have to fear the Bunny wanting everything in the store that had Pooh bear’s face on it. At least not until now.

Before coming to Japan we didn’t know who Anpanman was. We didn’t show the Bunny any Anpanman shows either (since discovering her love for Anpanman we did show her a couple of episodes on YouTube, but we decided she liked it a little too much and she should be watching English shows if she is watching TV at home). We didn’t have to. The Bunny learned all about Anpanman from her hoikuen. I think it might be her first Japanese word. Back in December we attended a concert that the hoikuen put on. Each class did a performance, many to an Anpanman song (some of the songs and dances came directly from the TV show). The Bunny loves to sing and dance and I am sure she loved the practice. Anpanman is everywhere in Japan. It was only a matter of time.

Last week when we were shopping at a children’s store, the Bunny saw an Anpanman ride on toy. She cried in protest as we dragged her away from the toy. We have not escaped the product marketing.

Now whenever the Bunny sees Apanman on TV she is mesmerized. She points out the images of Anpanman wherever we go (and he really is everywhere). “Anpanman, Anpanman, Anpanman”.

Here, check him out for yourself. This is Anpanman: