The one where we went to a Sumo tournament

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The first time we came to Japan, one of the things we wanted to do was watch some sumo wrestling.

We soon discovered that sumo isn’t easy to come by.  It’s a big deal when sumo tournaments take place, and Japanese is usually required to get tickets.  It’s not like going to the movie theatre (which is something else we haven’t done yet here).

Now that we live here, we still wanted to see sumo.  An opportunity presented itself this week – a tournament was coming to FUKUI of all places.  One of our friends from church helped us get tickets (and a discount!) and we ventured to Obama city to make our sumo dreams come true.

I recorded some of what we saw.  There were some rituals and shows that we didn’t understand.  We think that this part was when the wrestlers were being announced:

Most of the matches lasted ~5 seconds. Here’s a pretty intense match:

This one was my favourite.  The loser is a foreigner who looked like he had lots of muscle, but not nearly enough mass:

Even though we spent more time in transit than at the sumo tournament, this may have been the most significant of cultural experiences that we’ve had since we moved to Fukui.  Even the Bunny enjoyed watching the matches, though she quickly grew impatient when there was no action happening.

We took some pictures too, they can be found here.