It’s cherry blossom time!

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Once a year for about a week, Japan stops.

That week happens at varying times depending on the climate and the weather.  In Fukui, this has been the week when cherry blossoms have gone from buds to full bloom to slowly falling onto the ground.  The thing to do this week has been to go “cherry blossom viewing”.  That’s right, people from all over go to parks to look at trees.

How could we pass this up!?

We went to Fukui’s famous Asuwa river where hundreds of cherry blossoms form a tunnel and a picturesque view.  We had been hearing about “hanami” parties that take place around now.  What we saw were people sitting on mats and tarpaulins eating food somewhat close to cherry blossom trees.  Some brought chairs, other brought small grills.  We even saw a portable picnic table.  If I didn’t know better, I would think that cherry blossom season means it’s time for a massive annual picnicking movement throughout Japan.

Springtime here means going to the park and having a picnic.  It’s easy to draw similarities between the practice of cherry blossom viewing & hanami parties and good old fashioned summer barbecues.  The food is completely different, of course.  These days I would easily trade some yakisoba for a “Balt-burger”.  The most significant difference lies in how awesome the cherry blossoms look.  Landscaping and gardening here….it’s better.  Much, much better.

We took some pictures of what we saw, you can see what I mean: Cherry blossoms in Fukui.