We have friends everywhere

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I will let you in on a funny story. When Mike and I came to Japan back in August 2011, we really believed that we won’t have any friends here. We imagined ourselves going to a foreign country, where we would be the only native English speakers. Fukui-shi really isn’t a big city. Because of the language barrier and cultural differences, we didn’t expect to make many close Japanese friends either. We left all of our multi-player board games back in Canada (except for Agricola which has a 2 player variant). When we set up our new home in Japan we purchased only 3 plates, 3 cups, 3 forks, etc… We weren’t expecting company or at least not more than one visitor at a time.

Now, we have been in Japan for almost 9 months and we have made friends from all over the world. What a wonderful surprise. We have friends from Japan, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, Africa, America, and more. We had no idea of how big the community of foreign English teachers in Fukui was (many we don’t even know yet). We definitely didn’t expect to find such a great church where we would build many of our closest friendships. We have been blessed! Just this week we played Agricola with our fantastic Norwegian friend, Miriam. We made supper and she brought homemade chocolate mousse and lemon ice cream for dessert.

Last month we had 2 different friends visit us from Canada: Kristin came for a few days at the beginning of April and Mat came for 2 weeks at the end. This was another thing we didn’t really expect to happen but really hoped would. Even though Mat arrived on my birthday, taking my husband away from me and leaving me to make supper by myself that day; we had a great time sharing our life in Japan with him. He got to experience a bit of everyday life in Fukui as well as a few side trips. When he left, homesickness rushed in. For a few days we questioned what we left behind in Canada and the relationships we have since made in Japan. We miss our friends and family a lot. My little niece, Mya will be close to 2 years old before I meet her… Make sure you log into Skype so we can chat!

These thoughts were quickly replaced by happy thoughts after reconnecting with our English Fellowship group at church and another visit from Miriam. We still miss our friends and family, but we thank God for the friends and family he has given us in Japan.