The state of pizza in Fukui

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It’s no secret that we like our pizza.

When I was in bible college, I ate pizza almost every day.  The health consequences were severe, but it was oh so tasty!  I hope there is never another time in my life when I eat _that_ much pizza.  Still, I would like to eat it more than I do now.

I think that every Canadian is a pizza connoisseur.  Everyone has a favourite and a least favourite, and most can tell the difference between pizzerias’ specialties by sight or taste.  Most residents of Kitchener can spot a Twice the Deal pizza without blinking.  We are so accustomed to eating so much pizza that we know it like few other foods.

I do miss that luxury.

Pizza exists in Fukui, it does.  There is one popular chain called “Texas Hands” with a few restaurants here.  It may be the only pizza chain.  The prices are outrageous, the toppings are (for the most part) undesirable, and the portions are tiny.  Imagine nori (seaweed) + mayonnaise + no pizza sauce.  Considering all of those things, it’s still the 2nd best pizza in Fukui as rated by this pizza connoisseur.  Last week we went with some friends after church and I tried a “mexican pizza” with toppings that consisted of chili, breaded chicken tenders and taco seasoning.  It was surprisingly tasty…still only the 2nd best though.

The BEST pizza here is made by some dedicated volunteers at Bunkyo Gospel Centre (our church), and it’s served once every month at their “pizza party”.  No, I’m not biased because it’s my church…I really do believe that the pizza is that good.  For ¥1000 (¥800 for students!) we can get unlimited pizza and soft drinks/juice – and when say unlimited I mean they keep making pizzas until people stop eating them.  Usually there are 4 choices for toppings:

  • Potato, bacon & mayonnaise (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, it’s really good)
  • Beefy meat sauce & cheese – pictured above.
  • Hawaiian
  • Kimchi

Last pizza party featured our good friend Mat as the guest speaker.  He did a bang-up job and was invited to speak again the following Sunday.  I’m counting the days until the next pizza party, which will be the last one before the “summer break”.  A great famine will strike Fukui soon, and there will be no pizza all summer long.

The next pizza party is on Friday the 8th of June (starting at 6:30pm).  If you are in Fukui, you like pizza and you are reading this, I highly encourage you to come try this pizza.  If I am WRONG and it isn’t the best pizza in the city, I will happy join you on a trip to a place that you think is better, because that means more pizza…and I like pizza 🙂

UPDATE (10/26/2012):  More photos! 

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