Japan does “cute” very well

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Two weeks ago I embarked upon my first ever trip to Disneyland: Tokyo Disneyland. My gracious husband stayed home and looked after the Bunny so I could enjoy a girls’ day out with two fantastic women, Mauricia and Michiko.

Fukui isn’t so close to Tokyo. In order to keep the cost of the trip down, it required a night bus. That’s right. I thought it was a good idea to spend the night on the bus, followed by a full day at Disneyland, and then another night on the bus on the way back to Fukui. By the end I was exhausted. We had a great time at Disneyland though, and I am glad I went.

Pictured: Michiko (left), me, Mauricia (right). Three awesome women from Bunkyo Gospel Centre.

I should also mention that Japan is hot. 30ºC is pretty average during the summer (July through September). That day was no exception. It was a beautiful sunny day (I was hoping for clouds). The park was full, too. If you want to go to Disneyland I would suggest going before summer vacation starts, but apparently July is still better than August. I have been told that in August sometimes the maximum number of people admitted into the park is reached and they turn people away.

Somethings I noticed while at Disneyland:

1. Sunglasses are for foreigners
Japanese people don’t tend to wear sunglasses. I think Mauricia and I and maybe few other foreigners were the only people wearing sunglasses in the park.

2. Sweat towels are fashionable
Sweat towels are a must during the summer. Hooded sweat towels are fashionable (especially when they have cute Disney characters on them).

3. Sun is bad
Japanese people don’t tend to wear tank tops. When they do wear tank tops, they wear a light shirt over their tank top, like a netted or sheer top. Canada could learn a lot from how Japanese approach sun protection.

4. Roller coasters are kid friendly
I saw many signs that said “children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult”. Often children could sit on their parents lap too with a few exceptions. In my opinion if a child under the age of 7 can ride a roller coaster than it’s not very intense. I didn’t see any roller coasters that went upside down or that I thought were scary. Mauricia would call me an “adrenaline junkie”. I’m not really. I just like roller coasters.

5. If you are going to do something, do it right
Japan doesn’t skimp when it comes to detail. Every scene or attraction was so life like that I could hardly distinguish the fake people from the real ones. The animation was impeccable.

Cinderella and her prince charming graced our presence during the parade.

6. Japan is the capital of cute.
Disneyland oozies cuteness. Some rides/attractions can be scary for very young children but Disneyland is all about cute and fun. One thing I was disappointed about though was that the Disney characters weren’t as plentiful as I had expected. They were busy preforming shows. I wanted to get a picture with Mickey but I had to go to a specific location, wait in line, and pay to have my picture taken with him. We passed on it. However, there were two fantastic parades were I was able to see all the classic characters and more. One was during the day and the other was a light show after it got dark. Again, the attention to detail is amazing.

Here’s a clip from the parade at night:

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