How we spoiled all future Canada Days in Mikuni

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Last Saturday we did what everyone in Fukui and surrounding prefectures did. We were among the hordes of people who travelled to Mikuni to take part in the fireworks festival. About 100,000 people gathered on the shore of the Sea of Japan in the small city of Mikuni. Mikuni’s fireworks festival is said to have the best fireworks display in the entire Hokuriku region.

We arrived in Mikuni at around 3:30PM. The fireworks were set to start at 7:30PM and last one hour, but because of the popularity of this event it was recommended that we arrive early. We were also expected to leave late. The main road where all the attractions were located was closed from 4PM to 11PM. That was also the road we took to get to our destination. This meant we were in for a long day. Long days in the hot sun chasing after the Bunny can become very draining. Thankfully to pass the time we had an air conditioned place to go and friends to keep us company. The right atmosphere can make all the difference.

Our church in Fukui owns a building in Mikuni called the Lighthouse, where many ministries take place. It is in a prime location overlooking the shore and it has a great balcony. We spent the better part of the day enjoying the company of good friends. The Bunny also had friends to play with. They were a bit older, but they didn’t mind playing with her. They jumped, spun around in circles, chased after each other, and played with toys. It was all fun and games until they wanted to move on to other things, but the Bunny wouldn’t have any of it. She hasn’t learned to share her friends yet.

The Bunny got tired as the day went on. Her bedtime is supposed to be 7:30PM. The fireworks didn’t start until then. She became increasingly cranky, but when the fireworks started she was happy (at least for a little while). She said things like “wow”, “punch”, and “whoooooa”!  Japan definitely knows how to put on a good fireworks show. Mikuni had the best fireworks we have ever seen. They were huge, filling the sky with bright colours and loud noises, some even formed designs like smiley faces, hearts and a watermelon.

We were joined by a few other English teachers who were walking by the Lighthouse just before the fireworks started. More friends, and more great conversations. Eventually the Bunny fell asleep, but not before many objections. We left for home at 11PM, after the crowds and traffic jams died down. We arrived home by midnight.

Check out the video Mike took of the grand finale.  He captured a few great shots of the fireworks, too: