Unboxing the most complicated CD we’ve ever seen

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We love getting mail.

When the doorbell rings in the middle of the day, chances are good that it’s a delivery person with a box too big to fit through our mail slot.  This happens fairly often because it’s usually easier for us to shop online for some items in English at Amazon, Foreign Buyers’ Club, Yoyomarket, iHerb or other fun Japanese online retailers than it is to drive places and get confused by Japanese signage.  Shipping tends to be free or cheap, and things arrive fast.  The postal service in Japan has been wonderful for us.

Last year we ordered a CD from Canada.  We hadn’t paid for a CD in at least 5 years, but our this one from decomposure looked really cool.  Sure enough, it IS cool.  The attention to detail that he put into making the physical copy of this CD is mind-boggling.

The box with our CD in it took a while to arrive, most likely because it was coming from Canada.  The doorbell rang today, and sure enough it was a post lady.  She pointed to the sender’s name on the box and asked me: こちらは よろしですか?  The name was “Blank Squirrel”, that’s decomposure’s label.  The post lady wanted to know if it was OK for me to receive a package from someone with such a strange name.  I said yes 「はい!」 and she handed me the box.

Here’s what was inside:

When Mary came home, she was excited to see that the CD had arrived.  She also mentioned that the living room smells like chemicals.  At first she thought it was our kerosene container outside, but I told her that it was the blood, sweat and tears that decomposure poured into creating the album.  This video shows how he did it, and why the living room smells now:

As for the music, we enjoy it – but the Bunny is passionate about it.  She’s been watching decomposure music videos on YouTube since she came home.  Her favourite one is Oh Brother because it has a doggie.

Full disclosure:  We know decomposure in real life, and he’s a great guy.  He has no idea that I’m posting any of this.  I may or may not receive compensation for the publicity he’ll get in the form of a high five, which I will be more than happy to pass along to our faithful and loyal readers.