Date day on the Echizen coast

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We found ourselves in a fortunate situation:  Mary is on spring vacation and most of my students are on holiday…so we have a few days to ourselves while the Bunny has fun playing at hoikuen.  We’ve been married for 6 years, our kid is 3, and all of our family is overseas.  This time is precious and invaluable, so we are making the most of it!

For our first “date day” we decided to take a drive to the Echizen coast (for the first time!).  The stretch of road we drove along provided us with a great view of the Japan Sea.  Since we had the time, we decided to stop wherever we felt like to go exploring.

Our first stop was Cafe Mare in Nyu-gun.  We heard about this little cafe overlooking the sea from one of my students.  Our order:  Clam chowder with crab legs served in a bread bowl!  Along the coast, snow crab is the thing to eat.  Rich Tokyoites routinely make day trips all the way to Fukui prefecture to have lunch at fancy crab eateries and they pay up to ¥50 000 for one crab!  These crabs are caught by fishermen in the middle of frigid winter and they are boiled ON the fishing boats, then served 1-2 hours after being caught.  We were happy with our 2 legs each – they probably weren’t as fresh as the rich-people crabs, but they were still the best crab legs I’ve ever had.

The cafe has a nice boardwalk that goes a short distance to a lookout point.  We discovered that there’s outdoor seating as well.  We will most certainly be returning in the summertime!

While we were eating lunch and driving in the car we had enjoyed spending quality time together and having uninterrupted conversation.  These opportunities need to be seized – after the new baby joins us in August we will have even less time to go on scenic drives together than we do now.  Of course we miss our Bunny when we go on adventures without her, but we do enjoy not hearing “I WANT SNACK I WANT SNACK I WANT SNAAAAAAACK!!!” every few minutes too :).

The next 2 or 3 stops were along the road.  Some stretches had observation spots every few hundred metres.  We (carefully) went for a walk along some rock formations and marvelled at the shapes crafted by the violent sea waters.  We were no more than 45 minutes from home at any point, yet it felt like we had travelled a long way because of how different our surroundings were.  We never knew that we lived so close to such scenery!

Here’s what we saw: