It’s a…

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It’s no longer possible for Mary to hide that she’s pregnant.  The warmer weather mixed with the growing “baby bump” (what a strange name…) makes for lots of questions.  Here are some answers to the most popular ones that we get while we’re out and about:

Q: Are you…?  Baby? [tries to make strange hand motions because “pregnant” isn’t in most Japanese people’s English vocabulary]
A: Yes.  She is baby.

Q: Are you going to have the baby in Japan?  Where will you give birth?
A: Yes, and…good question (we aren’t sure yet).

Q: eeeeeeeeeeeeh!  Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
A: That wasn’t a question…

Q: Is the baby moving?
A: Yes, but not right now (this usually spares her from tummy groping)

Q: When is baby… [spreads legs and uses hand motions to demonstrate something dropping out]
A: In August.

Q: Will you quit your job?
A: Nope!  She will take a short maternity leave before returning to work.

Q: What is baby’s name?
A: No name yet.  That comes later.

Q: Is it a boy or girl?
A: BOY!!!