Birth plan for the win

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I mentioned in my last post that part of the reason why our birth experience in Japan was so great was because we had a birth plan, and more importantly a doctor who was willing to follow it.  I thought I would post it here as a resource for any foreign moms planning to give birth in Japan.


Mary Salvatore’s birth plan バースプラン サルバトレ・メアリー

Mother’s name: _____________  母親:_____________

Father’s name: _____________ 父親:_____________

Mother’s Date of Birth: _____________ 母の生年月日:_____年___月___日

Estimated Due Date: _____________ 出産予定日:_____年___月___日

OB/GYN: _____________ 主治医:_____________

Midwife: _____________ 担当助産師:_____________

Allergies: None アレルギー:無


We are excited to be having our second child with the staff of Saiseikai Hospital in Fukui, Japan!



During labour and delivery:



  1. I would like to have my husband with me at all times during the labour and delivery. 陣痛・分娩時には常に夫の立ち合いを希望しています。
  1. I want to move around as much as I can during labour and not be confined to a bed.  陣痛時でもできるだけ動いてもいい許可を下さい。
  2. If there are no complications, I would like to have minimal fetal monitoring and minimal vaginal exams.モニター検査と内診は医学的理由がない限りなるべく行わないでください。
  3. If a shower/bath is available, I would like to have the option of using it during labour. シャワーや入浴がOKであれば、陣痛時でも利用したいです。
  4. I would like to have no interventions as long as labour is progressing normally.    陣痛の経過が順調であればできるだけ医学的介入はしないでください。
  5. I do not want to have an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary.          医学的に絶対に必要な場合を除いて、会陰切開はしないでください。
  6. I would like to take pictures with a camera/video camera during labour and birth, as well as immediately after the baby is born. 陣痛・分娩時と出産直後、カメラおよびビデオ撮影の許可をください。
  7. I would like my husband to be able to cut the umbilical cord. 夫にへその緒を切る役割をさせてください。

After delivery:


  1. I would like to hold my baby and breastfeed immediately following birth.出産直後に赤ちゃんを抱いて授乳させてください。
  2. I want to fully breastfeed my baby; therefore I don’t want any formula or glucose water to be given to him at all.完全母乳で育てたいので、ミルクや砂糖水は与えないでください。
  1. I hope to move around as soon as possible after the birth.出産直後でも出来るだけ動かせてください。
  2. I do not want to have a catheter unless absolutely necessary.医学的に絶対に必要な場合を除いて、カテーテルの使用は避けてください。

Care afterwards:


  1. I want my baby to stay with me in my room (rooming in).母子同室でお願いします。
  2. I would like my husband to be able to visit daily and the hours of his visits not to be limited (this will allow me to rest).  I am requesting a private room, so his presence will not disturb other mothers.(私が十分に休めるように)夫には毎日面会に来てほしいので、面会の制限を設けないでください。個室を取る予定なので、他の方の迷惑にはならないと思います。
  3. I want my daughter to be able to visit with me and the baby in my room. 娘の面会許可もお願いします。
  4. I would like for either my husband or myself to be present for all of baby’s tests.新生児検査の際には必ず夫か私が同席したいです。
  5. I would like to go home as soon as possible (home help is available), and return for both my own and baby’s examinations as an outpatient (if necessary).できるだけ早く退院して、母子ともに検査はなるべく外来で行いたいです。家に手伝ってくれる人がいます。
  1. I’d like to have all baby’s tests and results written down in English and added to my bilingual version of the maternal & child health handbook (the blue one).新生児検査のすべての項目と結果を母子手帳(青い本)に英語で記入をお願いします。