Happy beach days in Fukui

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Summer is hot for us, as I’m sure it is wherever you are reading this from.  Our chosen method of beating the heat (when we have time), is swimming at one of the local beaches.  We do live on an island, and most cities are less than a day trip away from the nearest beach.
Fukui has its fair share of sandy beaches, but most of them are pretty far from us.  Fortunately, there are two within 45 minutes of our place (by car).  We enjoyed our first beach day of the season last Saturday at Takasu beach:

Takasu is nice.  There’s a bit of an incline from the beach huts to the water, so flat sand for balanced beach chairs doesn’t happen.  Mary taught at Takasu Junior High School once every week for the past 3 years, and she was able to see the beach from her classroom windows!

Mikuni sunset beach is also around 45 minutes away.  There’s ample parking, more beach area, and some nice ice cream shops in the neighbourhood:

Mikuni is also home to an annual fireworks festival.  Choosing between Mikuni and Takasu for our beach days is always a tough choice because both places are really nice!

We have been to a third beach, but it took us about 2 hours to get there.  It’s called Mizushima, and it’s lovely.  I’ve written about it before.  I’m sure we’ll be back again, because it’s such a beautiful place to relax:

Beach season here runs between Marine day (national holiday on the 3rd Monday of July) and Obon (not a national holiday, but religious/cultural period when Japanese people mourn dead relatives, around August 15th…ish).  Before Marine day, the water is “too cold”.  It’s not.  After Obon, the jellyfish migrate to our part of the Sea of Japan – so we’re told.  We haven’t investigated this for ourselves…we don’t want to learn the hard way.

Our beach toy collection is growing steadily.  The thing to do in the water here seems to be to float in/on inflatable things, and we have embraced this practice.  The kids play with the toys too.  The Bunny enjoys playing in the sand, the Turtle enjoys eating the sand, and we love having fun with them!  Going to the beach is an even bigger a deal for the kids than it is for us.

We’re thinking about adding a 4th Fukui beach to our repertoire this year if we have time.  I wonder where we should go…?