More fun than being a passenger: The SDF Blue Impulse free air show above Komatsu

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After our long journey to Canada and back (through China), we were surprised that the Bunny said “YES!” when we asked her if she wanted to see some airplanes.  We had a chance to see a free air show in September at the nearby Komatsu airport, and it was fun to watch!

Komatsu is a small town about an hour north of Fukui.  It has a very small international airport and a Self-Defense Force air base.  We left a little late, and when we arrived in Komatsu there was very little parking and way too much traffic.  We settled for some illegal street parking on a road that was barely wide enough for two cars and we walked to Komatsu airport.  The show was happening at the SDF base, but there was a considerable amount of land space and obstacles (fences, airport security, runways…not stroller-friendly) between us and them.  We watched from the observation deck at Komatsu airport.  Our view wasn’t as good, but we also didn’t have the same crowds that the people at the base had to deal with.

The stars of the show were the pilots and aircraft in the SDF “Blue Impulse” team.  They were highly skilled, as you can see: