What’s on top of Hakoshima on Fukui’s Echizen coast?

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Today is our 8th anniversary.
This is a special day, so we never have to work.  Really!  It’s a national holiday because December 23rd is also the emperor’s  birthday.  Since it’s a holiday…we will always have the kids all day long.

Recently we have given up on trying to get the Bunny and the Turtle to take their naps at home, so we have been driving around the city and/or prefecture because they almost always fall asleep in the car.  Today we decided to celebrate 8 years of marriage by stopping at a fancy pants cafe on the coast for some delicious crab/clam chowder (in a bread bowl!) during our drive.

On our way home, we noticed a fun rock formation.


Doesn’t this look inviting?

The rock formation was in the water.  With the BIGGEST WAVES I HAVE EVER SEEN crashing against it.  Full disclosure: Canadian lakes waves aren’t huge, and I haven’t ventured to the watch the sea of Japan during a proper storm.  It was a sunny day today.  Still, big, cool waves.

Much to our surprise, when we got out of the car we discovered that the cool rock formation had stairs.  In the absence of elevators or escalators, stairs are for climbing!

I took some pictures along the way.