Mike and Mary were born, educated and married in Canada.  Now they live in Fukui, Japan.  They have a daughter who was born in December 2009, as well as, a son who was born here in Fukui in August 2013 (affectionately referred to as “the Bunny” and “the Turtle” respectively).  Mike finished his master’s degree in social work in June 2012, and he now teaches English lessons to people of all ages and skill levels throughout the Fukui.  Mary was trained as a teacher, she was an assistant language teacher (ALT) on the JET programme, and now she teaches private lessons and dabbles in homeschooling.  The Bunny runs, plays and cuddles, and the Turtle eats, sleeps, and poops.

This website is a place for Mike & Mary to collect their ideas and memories about their time in Japan.  It’s also a place for friends both old and new to live vicariously through their adventures.  Even though one day it may develop into a useful resource for people researching life in Japan, this website site is supposed to retain a personal touch, it’s a website about a family.

Elsewhere on the internet, Mike uses Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Mary uses Facebook, Pinterest and Couchsurfing.