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Not a typical birth experience in Japan

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I think my birth experience in Japan was far from the “normal” Japanese experience. Prior to The Turtle’s birth I read a lot of blogs about giving birth in Japan. Their experiences were quite a bit different from my own. I wanted to include a few here, so you can get a better idea of what birth in Japan might look like. A Canadian mom from “Life in the Land of Wa” Where: Fukuyama-shi, Japan Story: This mom had to labour in bed without the option of getting up and…read more

Choosing a birth centre in Japan

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When we travel, we spend time meticulously pouring over hotel/ryokan reviews so that we can make informed decisions about where we spend our vacation time. ¬†To our surprise, finding a place to give birth has been kind of similar, except instead of comparing amenities like onsens and breakfast, we have been comparing medical interventions and child care¬†philosophies… The standard stay at a birth centre here is around 1 week, which in contrast to the 20 hours we spent at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener when the Bunny was born is…read more