From Fukui, with Love

Coastal drives along the Noto Peninsula

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We picked a spot and went on an impulse road trip for 3 days. We realised recently that it had been a full year since we had gone anywhere in Japan that required an overnight stay.  2014 was a busy year with work and the kids.  We were also suffering from a small lack of inspiration – when we open maps, we only see places that we’ve already been to/are too far away/expensive/not kid-friendly. The spot that we picked was the Noto Peninsula (能登半島) in Ishikawa, just one prefecture north…read more

We fought and we won: How we (finally) got a Japanese credit card

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This post signifies a MAJOR victory in a battle we’ve been fighting since our first week in Japan:  We are now the proud owners of a bona fide Japanese credit card! Way back in the day when the Bunny rode around Fukui in a stroller, we took her to the main post office branch in the middle of the city on our initial quest to get a credit card.  We aren’t fans of spending money we don’t have, but in our first week here alone we ran into the beginning…read more

“Shaken”, not stirred: Making sure our car lasts longer than milk

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Every car in Japan has a yellow sticker on the windshield.  On the sticker, there’s a date.  The date signifies the point until which the car can be driven before its next scheduled maintenance. We have known for some time that our car would expire in March 2013.  There’s been a big “3” (for March) staring at us since we started to use the car last June.  The car has been good to us.  Aside from a small ¥1500 repair and an oil change, the only cash that we have…read more