From Fukui, with Love

School lunch in Japan is a good deal!

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In Japan, students eat school lunch. Every day they get a hot well balanced meal to eat while they’re at school. Rice is a staple in Japan. So much so that each meal time has rice in its name. あさごはん (“morning rice” or breakfast), ひるごはん (“noon rice” or lunch), and ばんごはん (“night rice” or dinner).  As expected rice is also an important part of school lunch. School lunch at hoikuen Every day at hoikuen our children eat school lunch. We are very thankful that the hoikuen provides a healthy meal…read more

Take Daddy to hoikuen day

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I got a rare inside look at the Bunny’s life at hoikuen (nursery school). I am calling it “Take Daddy to Hoikuen Day”, though I’m sure that is not what it is supposed to be called.  Parents had an opportunity to sign up for a time slot to join their kid(s) at hoikuen for a morning – so I took advantage of the opportunity even though I still can barely communicate with any of the Bunny’s senseis.  That communication barrier means that for the most part we have no idea…read more