From Fukui, with Love

Banking in Japan without bankbooks

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I discovered a new app called Moneytree a few months ago, and in the past few days I finally got it set up the way I like.  Now I can bank like it’s 1999 again (as opposed to 1989)!  This isn’t a sponsored post…I just really really enjoy the way this app has made our lives easier. A bit about banking As much as I’d like to be an expert on different countries’ financial systems (OK, not really), I’m not.  What I know is what I and other normal people…read more

Budget travelling in Japan the Mike & Mary way

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Vacationing in Japan can get crazy expensive, but it doesn’t have to.  If we aren’t careful, we can drop tens of thousands of yen in a day while we are away from home.  It helps to pretend that the values of all the things we buy have less zeroes at the end…but when we do that we’re only fooling ourselves. Now that we have been to more prefectures than we can count on our hands I feel like we have learned enough about how to have a good time while…read more

We fought and we won: How we (finally) got a Japanese credit card

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This post signifies a MAJOR victory in a battle we’ve been fighting since our first week in Japan:  We are now the proud owners of a bona fide Japanese credit card! Way back in the day when the Bunny rode around Fukui in a stroller, we took her to the main post office branch in the middle of the city on our initial quest to get a credit card.  We aren’t fans of spending money we don’t have, but in our first week here alone we ran into the beginning…read more